Shur Deck - MER-KO

Shur Deck

A metal lath reinforced walking deck and flat roof top deck system designed for use over plywood or concrete substrates.

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Weather Deck - Merko

Weather Deck

A pedestrian walking deck system incorporating floating slip-sheet technology designed to isolate the waterproofing membrane and seamless decking from the substrate.

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Made in the USA

All of our products, and we do mean all, are made locally, right here in sunny San Diego, California!

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40 Years & Counting

Mer-Ko Decking systems have over 40 years of history as one of the original acrylic decking systems.

Your No. 1 Choice

Advanced formulas and quality control make our waterproofing systems a first choice for professionals.

Reinforced Coatings

For extra confidence check out our bonded Shur Deck system with reinforcing fabrics.

Multi-Surface Versatility

Our full floating system can be used over concrete or plywood.


Our Systems are Rated

The Mer-Ko Shur Deck and Weather Deck systems are Class A and 1-Hour Fire Rated.

VOC Compliance

Mer-Ko Systems are VOC compliant water-based technologies.

Produced Locally

Mer-Ko Decking systems are Products of the USA. All of our coatings are made locally in San Diego, California.

Get It Right

Mer-Ko offers a variety of decorative and non-skid options, so you get the right coating, whatever your needs.

Under New Management

Acquired by Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems, Mer-ko has undergone some exciting improvements.

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